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a carbon negative
energy company

Pathway Energy is developing the next generation of ultra-low carbon fuels leveraging carbon sequestration

About Pathway Energy

Pathway Energy is committed to producing carbon negative fuels by utilizing proven and scalable commercial technologies.

The Pathway Energy development platform combines a scalable carbon removal process pathway, including Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), and Biomass with Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS), paired with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to close the carbon loop and produce carbon-negative fuels to advance the path to zero.

We are committed to producing to ultra low carbon intensity fuels to accelerate decarbonization.

Pathway energy gt

Pathway Energy GT, our most advanced project in development, converts wood pellets into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Annual Tonnes of CO2 Removed

Carbon Intensity Score

Annual Tonnes of Biomass Required

Annual Gallons of carbon-neutral blended SAF

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of world-class executives, technology experts, commercial developers, and project engineers.

Steve Roberts
Chief Executive Officer

Steve Roberts is an accomplished executive with 25 years of executive leadership and biomass conversion project development experience.

Josh Pearson
Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Pearson is a technical expert having spent over 25 years in process engineering and operations of biomass conversion technologies including gasification, Fischer-Tropsch, and complex biorefinery and industrial processes.

Eric Chatfield
Vice President of Operations

Eric Chatfield is an operations and engineering expert having spent over 25 years in various operations and management roles for multiple industrial projects including solar, power generation, and manufacturing.

Chris Amey
Chief Development Officer

Chris Amey is an experienced engineer with a demonstrated history in all facets of project development and execution, having spent over 25 years focused on waste and biomass conversion process technology development.

Bryant Fortner
Vice President of Development

Bryant Fortner is an experienced developer with over 15 years of experience executing projects from project origination through the operational phase of complex multi-billion-dollar industrial power and refinery projects.

Dr. Harold Wright
Senior Advisor

Harold Wright is a Senior Advisor and Technical Subject Matter Expert with over 35 years of experience with a broad background in renewable energy, fuels, and associated technologies having led the multiple complex industrial scale processes.

Strategic Partnership

 Pathway Energy is wholly owned by, and partnered with, Nexus PMG, a leading low-carbon infrastructure advisory, development and investment firm.

Our development Strategy

The Pathway Energy development pipeline targets areas where there is a high potential for CO2 geological storage and where CO2 storage capacities can support the full operational lifespan of a commercial-scale facility.

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